Retro 60s Back to School: Fair Haven Kindergarten Posers

Fair Haven kindergarten a.m. class of 1965

School’s back in session and it’s just about time for students and teachers to rise, shine and show off a little at Back to School Night.

And kindergarten is the first and best of what was formerly called Open House for kids and parents. First of all, the parents don’t need to tear up and down stairs and speed through hallways to make it to the next class when that bell rings. A little 5K training should be a prerequisite for middle- and high school Open House nights.

But, ahhhh, kindergarten, it’s a real treat. No, the teachers don’t offer a little nap time or a carton of milk at Back-to-School Night. Still, there’s something very comforting about sitting in those little chairs, hearing about children’s milestone moments in class and getting a gander at that artwork …

Now, there’s an adventure. Sometimes the teachers have students draw self portraits and ask the parents to find their little ones. That can take more time than the bell permits, even for this one stay-put session. That’s because kids’ perspectives of their own faces can be quite entertaining. If you’ve been through it, you’re probably grinning right now.

Speaking of grinning, it’s not uncommon for some kindergarteners to see themselves as a sort of toothy Jack-o-lantern. Fancy that! Or an older, more mature person, filled with worry lines. Or a cartoon character. Or a … you get the picture.

And, back in the day, in addition to leaving some artwork behind for parents, the little ones sometimes left notes for them. I, myself, demanded a response as to what my parents were doing at the very moment they saw the note. Dad was getting in trouble from my teacher for not paying attention — and writing his response. Ahem.

Remember any notes you wrote to your parents? How about those self portraits? What do you remember most about your child’s first Back to School Night? Favorite kindergarten teacher?

While you’re pondering that, check out these morning kindergarten posers in Fair Haven circa 1965 when kindergarten was at the Youth Center (now Fair Haven Community Center). Recognize anyone?

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management