Retro RFH Reunion Roustabouts

RFH Class of ’78 friends reunited at reunion in 2013
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

Summertime is reunion time for all good Rumson-Fair Haven Regional     High School alumnus. In fact, the RFH Class of ’83 just had a very untraditional 39th. Hey, when the reunion spirit moves an RFHer, any year is the right one.

Reunions RFH style tend to be quite grand and span several days.

It’s a tradition. And tradition must be upheld, after all.

That tradition usually somehow involves a trip to Donovan’s Reef, among other places. But, back in August of 2013 Donovan’s Tiki Bar was all washed up by Superstorm Sandy. So, an alternative plan to the traditional jaunt to the iconic beachfront spot had to be hatched, or brewed, or something like that.

Well, for the RFH Class of ’78, the alternative was easy enough. Classmate Chris Wood had opened Woody’s in Sea Bright as a way to keep one of the hangouts of that 70s gang going strong — Ichabod’s.

So, with the Woody’s turf holding some RFH tradition of its own, the class gathered there early on the first reunion eve to celebrate a classmate’s place, too. They had to keep in step (like the ol Hustle of Saturday Night Fever ’78) with it all. Donovan’s was remembered, of course, but down for the wrath of Sandy count that year.

As to not disturb the dinner crowd at Woody’s too much, the RFHers migrated to EvenTide that first night where they continued their Night Fever-ish initial celebration.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day offers a glimpse back into RFH reunion times knowing more are to come.

When is your reunion? What were your hangouts? Recognize these RFHers?

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management