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Getting Crabby in Rumson for the PBA

“Good luck out there!” a man shouted as he waved to crabbers launching their boat into the water,  all set with a plethora of fishing-appropriate nets, cages and buckets.

Saturday evening was looking pretty mellow as a few more boats hit the waters of the river by the Rumson Municipal Boat Launch for the  PBA Crab Tournament.

The tournament was slated to last until 10 p.m. By about 6:30, about half an hour after the tournament’s official start, only a couple of boatfulls of crabbers could be spotted near the launch.

Take a look at the above slideshow for a glimpse into the evening’s event and the scene around it (Don’t forget to click on the lower right icon to enlarge!). The Rumson PBA has not yet reported who won. As soon as that information is shared, it will be added.