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Focus: Riverfront Reflections

On this dank, pandemic April day, everyone could use a little solitary solace. A reminder that the river that gives so many in the Rumson-Fair Haven area peace and happiness is still there. And still. Calm. Reflective.

So, we take you back a few years to 2016, when this photo gallery/slideshow was first published. There’s much irony in what it says. Take a look at the featured photo. It speaks an uncanny isolated truth about today and the very same spot. Their reflections are consoling.

They tell us that when everything around us is still, there is something to see in the water’s mirror. That little meaningful something may have been missed while looking too hard toward a sky that seemingly has no limits.

It’s the Wizard of Oz theory of looking too hard for your heart’s desire when it was right in your own back yard. Surprising what you’ll find in a still reflection, or a ripple that was in that limitless, reflective sky the entire time.  

On that day, as today, the tide went out and the water was still.

The static water on the Navesink River from Rumson to Fair Haven was like a mirror, reflecting each waterfront image, each ripple, in detail. A reminder of what was always there. 

Take a look. 

— Elaine Van Develde

Scene Around: Painting the Rumson Riverfront Picture

Painting the scene down by the river in Rumson Photo/Jenifer Weber Zeller
Painting the scene down by the river in Rumson
Photo/Jenifer Weber Zeller

It’s a windy, winsome kind of day.

And down by the river in Rumson, a few people were out this morning painting that picture.

The sun was hiding, but the scenery stood out. It spoke to a few who took a moment to seize it on canvas.

Rumsonite Jenifer Weber Zeller got the picture and a glimpse into the start of a Rumson day for all.

Thanks for sharing, Jen! Paint the day with hues of purple … or something like that.

Focus: Rumson Riverfront Blues

Skies have been clear and bright blue lately. And the scene just before sunset in Rumson recently was no exception.

It’s that familiar, popular spot on the Navesink River at Victory Park where kids play, kayakers row on the river and other boaters dot the horizon.

The clear weather is supposed to hold out through the weekend. Enjoy the view in the photos below.

— Elaine Van Develde