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Scene Around: Rumson Police Chief Reigns as Top Plunge Donor

Rumson Police Chief Scott Paterson at Polar Bear Plunge at Seaside 2022
Photo/Rumson PD

Hail to the chief! He’s taken the plunge and triumphed again.

Rumson Police Chief Scott Paterson dove into the icy ocean waters of Seaside on Saturday and emerged the plunge’s top donor once again to benefit his cause — Special Olympics New Jersey.

“Chief Paterson would like to thank all of the generous donors, along with friends and supporters, who reached out to wish (him) Scott well with yesterday’s Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge,” a Sunday post on the Rumson Police Department Facebook page said. “It was down to the wire, but we’re happy to report that Scott was able to regain his #1 spot as highest individual fundraiser for another year. He could not have done it without the support of all you!”

The chief solely ended up with a total of $41,337 raised for his cause. He plunged with the Little Silver Crocs team once again. The largest of the final hour donations was from Rumson St. Patrick’s Day Parade at $1,005. So, in the end, Paterson ended up top donor for what may have been his final plunge.

As a whole, the 2022 Plunge at Seaside garnered $1,935,180, surpassing its goal. The goal was $1.8 million.

Congrats, Chief!

Rumson Police Chief Scott Paterson at a previous Polar Bear Plunge at Seaside
Photo/Rumson PD

Scene Around: Last Call to Support Rumson Police Chief in Plunge for Special Olympics

Rumson Police Chief Scott Paterson shows his winning certificate at the Seaside Heights Polar Bear Plunge 2020
Photo/Rumson PD

Rumson Police Chief Scott Paterson is set to take the plunge again — the plunge into the icy winter ocean water at Seaside Heights to benefit the Special Olympics New Jersey.

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Rumson Police Chief’s Winning Plunge

Call it a double hail to the chief. As is now tradition for him, Rumson Police Chief Scott Patterson dove into a cause in which he believes — Special Olympics NJ — and ended up being the top fundraiser for its 2020 Polar Bear Plunge at Seaside on Saturday. This was his second consecutive year of swimming success as top individual fundraiser.

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Retro RFH Polar Bear Dudes

RFH Polar Bear Club after a plunge. Photo/RFH Yearbook screenshot
RFH Polar Bear Club after a plunge.
Photo/RFH Yearbook screenshot

With the announcement of Rumson Police Chief Scott Paterson’s successful fundraising ($17,030 for Special Olympics New Jersey) culminating in the Polar Bear Plunge in Seaside Heights on Saturday, it seemed only right that we take you back to polar bear plunging guys of RFH back in the day — way back.

These guys actually had a high school club dedicated to the cause of, well, just plunging into icy cold water on a whim or for a thrill in the 1970s.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day is dedicated to the winter chill, the plunge and the guys who made it a club.

Do you remember the RFH Polar Bear Club? Know any of these cold weather beachgoers? Was the club solely dedicated to the dive into icy water?

— Elaine Van Develde

Rumson Police Chief to Plunge for Special Olympics

Rumson Police Chief Scott Paterson is taking the plunge again — The Polar Bear Plunge in Seaside Heights.

And, once again, the chief’s dip into icy waters is all for the sake of  a good cause  — Special Olympics New Jersey.

No, it’s not Paterson’s first plunge. But, it was a first for his $15,000 fundraising goal.

And, with only a few days left, Paterson has surpassed his goal. As of today, he has raised $15,340 from 68 donors.

He is grateful; and there is still time to donate, as funds will be accepted until the day of the plunge.

“I want to thank each and everyone of you that helped me reach my goal of $15,000.00,” Chief Paterson said yesterday in a message on his fundraising page. “I sincerely appreciate your kindness and generosity and I promise to represent well …”

Learn more about Special Olympics by clicking here. To donate to the chief’s plunge for the olympics, click here.

The Crabbiest Captain in Rumson

“It was a great time,” Rumson Police Chief Scott Paterson told Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect on Monday, chatting a little about the weekend’s ninth annual Rumson PBA Crab Tournament.

A local guy, he said, won. That guy — along with his boatload of crabbers — was Captain Don Schneider with a bucket full of 50 crabs.

The chief and several other crabbers were already out in crabbing waters by the time Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect arrived, but some sights were caught.

If you haven’t already seen it, check out the above slideshow of the scene around. And thanks to the Rumson PBA Facebook page for the pic of the winning crew! Congrats, Captain Schneider!

Fair Haven Police Lt. McGovern Promoted to Captain

By Elaine Van Develde

The smile is the same. The stripes on the uniform are different.

On the heels of Fair Haven Police Chief Darryl Breckenridge’s announcement of retirement, longtime Fair Haven police officer Joseph McGovern was promoted from lieutenant to captain at Monday night’s Borough Council meeting.

The promotion is a significant one in light of the fact that while the police department’s staffing model hierarchy allows for a captain in the department the position has not been filled since retired Captain Paul McCue was on the force several years ago.

Caught readying himself to get to the meeting outside the police station, McGovern gave Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect his signature smile and a wave, for which he is known throughout town, as he gussied himself up, hopped in his SUV and headed a couple blocks over.

He was met with a packed meeting room full of beaming, congratulatory officials, neighboring police and chiefs, family and friends.

Welcoming all, Chief Breckenridge pointed out that “when you rise to the level of captain, it shows when you see the network of support from (police in) surrounding towns …” Among those in that support network were Rumson Police Chief Scott Paterson and Red Bank Police Chief Darren McConnell, both Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School graduates.

First thanking the officers of the department for their “continued dedication” and saying “you guys do an excellent job, and I couldn’t be more proud,” Breckenridge singled out McGovern’s family and told them, “you should be very proud of Joe. He worked very hard to get where he is going tonight … I’m sure Joe’s going to do a terrific job.”

McGovern’s journey to the captain’s position has been a long, hard-earned, diligent one, the chief said, starting nearly 30 years ago.

He recounted it. McGovern started in the department in 1987 as a dispatcher. In 1989, he became a special officer. In 1991, he became a probationary patrolman, then detective and OEM coordinator, which he still is.

In 2006, McGovern became a sergeant. And in 2008, he rose to the rank of lieutenant. Now he’s a captain. He has also earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and attended the prestigious FBI Academy.

“Joe has worked very hard with his promotional process, doing the right thing and doing his job,” Breckenridge said. “I am so proud and happy to stand here before you and congratulate you first, captain.”

With a smile, his wife holding the bible and two boys by his side, Mayor Ben Lucarelli administered the oath of office to McGovern.

With a modest smile and a simple “thank you” to “everyone for coming out,” McGovern said, “It’s been a long process and it’s finally here.”

Five stripes. Same smile. Same dedication.

McGovern will serve as acting chief as of Oct. 1, the official start day of Breckenridge’s retirement. Sgt. Robert Townshend is slated for a promotion to lieutenant. The new chief has not yet been chosen.

Going Retro with a Rumson Police Chief Snapshot

 Rumson Police Chief Scott Paterson at the Aj.J. Bruder Memorial Rumson Run.  Photo/Elaine Van Develde
Rumson Police Chief Scott Paterson at the Aj.J. Bruder Memorial Rumson Run.
Photo/Elaine Van Develde


In our Retro Pic of the Day today, we’re giving equal time to Rumson Police Chief Scott Paterson.

We looked back at Rumson and Fair Haven mayors John Ekdahl and Ben Lucarelli to take a break from the tragedy in the area with a flashback of a good time at the A.J. Bruder Memorial Rumson Run.

Bruder, as most know, was a well-liked RFH graduate who died very after a long battle with cancer.

The annual run in his memory always sparks up a great time in celebration of Bruder’s life. It’s sunny twist on tragedy. It’s a day when people in the area run, relish life, remember and smile, as A.J. did in his lifetime.

So, here’s to Chief Paterson’s participation on that day!