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A Retro Look at Fair Haven School Daze


Our Retro Pic of the Day takes you back to the days of Kindergarten classes at what was called the Youth Center in Fair Haven.

Kids were walked on a rope — yes, a rope — led by an official looking crossing guard-type person to the classroom which was where the police station is now. (We’ll get to the rope another time.)

This shot, circa 1965, features some kids who are still in the area, if not Fair Haven itself.

One is a well-known funeral director (front, left), another is your own Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect founding editor (front right, sort of), another has a mom who still lives in town and a brother who is a well-known area photographer and landscaper, and, yet another, was an impressive athlete growing up and is still in town.

Take your guesses. And, please feel free to send us your retro photos, credit included, at evd@rfhretro.com.