Scene Around: Rumson Students Have a Field Day

They had a field day.

Rumson Forrestdale School students gathered outside yesterday for a traditional annual end-of-the-school-year day of fun and games outdoors. It’s literally a field day. And it’s sponsored by the PTO.

And with respect to field days being had, some things never change, which is a good thing for students, as it turns out. Unbeknownst to them, a lot of these old-time games played on the field these days are the same ones played long ago. Oh, there’s the three-legged race, for instance, and the ol’ tug of war, to mention two.

Of course, there are some bouncy-house types of field day games-of-skill and just plain fun nowadays, too.

In the end, it all just means camaraderie among students and teachers and a lot of fun to make the year go out with good game and smiles.

“Happy Field Day Forrestdale!” the social media post said. “Great day of fun in the sun!!!! Thank you PTO!”

Take a look at the photos provided by the Rumson School District for a glimpse into the day … (Click on one to enlarge and scroll.)