A Little Retro ’70s Fair Haven Graduating Class

A gathering of 70s eighth grade Knollwood grads
Photo/Jill Sorrentino

Graduation time is near. It’s a time when Fair Haven eighth graders walk that graduation walk and that symbolic trek down Third Street. It’s their last — an ode to elementary school.

So we’re taking you back to the 1970s when there was no Third Street walk, but there was, of course, a graduation in the alma mater. The girls and guys got all dressed up with somewhere to walk … and get a diploma … in the Knollwood School gym.

The girls these days dress in white and are quite streamlined and stylish.

Back in the day … as in the ’70s, the attire was a bit more mixed. And those hemlines were longer. And they sported corsages.

So, we take a look back, courtesy of Jill Sorrentino, to a ’70s graduation — post diploma. In this classic snapshot, a couple of iconic Knollwood teachers joined in the pose.

Recognize them? As far as those dresses go, there was an awful lot of that flouncy on- or off-shoulder top going on. Best graduation dress? And who’s the only guy here?

Here’s to dressing for the graduation occasion! Congrats to the eighth grade grads in the Knollwood Class of 2024!