Rumson Police Investigating Sunday Car Theft

With the theft Sunday night of a vehicle from Rumson, police are again pleading with residents take what they deem simple precautions to dissuade car thieves.

The rash of vehicle thefts lately, more often than not of unlocked vehicles with keys/fobs accessible has prompted the relentless plea from police.

With this most recent incident that police are “actively investigating,” whether or not those precautions had been taken was not specified. Neither was the location in Rumson.

The confirmation of a vehicle theft and the plea only were repeated. Here it is:

“We urge all residents to take precautions to protect their vehicles and belongings. Please ensure that your vehicles are securely locked at all times.

“Additionally, it is crucial to remove all keys and valuables from your vehicles. Taking these simple steps can significantly reduce the risk of theft and help maintain the safety of our community.

“If you notice any suspicious activities or have any information related to this incident or other concerning incidents, please report them promptly to the Rumson Police Department at 732-842-0500 or call 911. Your vigilance and cooperation are crucial in ensuring the security of our community.”

Rumson police in a released statement