RFH Tower Players Set Stage for Haunting Production of ‘The Canterville Ghost’

RFH Tower Players rehearse The Canterville Ghost

Call it a spirited play time.

The Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) Tower Players are staging their fall production of The Canterville Ghost, set for Nov. 18 to 20 on the RFH stage.

This year, the group’s first show of the school year features new talent with familiar faces on the RFH stage in its cast of the comedy set in present-day England.

The story follows the journey of Virginia Otis, played by RFH’s Ellie Frankel, and her family as they tackle the challenges of adapting to the English lifestyle, which happens to include living with a ghost.

Upon their arrival at the historic Canterville Chase Manor, Otis, p[layed by Gemma Formisano, and Mr. Otis, Jackson Champeau, along with the rest of their children, discover their new house is haunted by the 500-year-old spirit of Sir Simon, played by Evan Callas. Sir Simon was cursed to haunt the manor for eternity. In his attempts to scare the family, Sir Simon’s shenanigans always result in minor inconveniences as opposed to actual harm.

Fed up with Sir Simon keeping them awake at night, the family decides they have had enough and seek to expel Sir Simon from the home. This prompts the family to invite the Amazing Balaklavam, Chris Stypa, a paranormal medium, to rid their home of its resident ghosts.

But will Sir Simon let himself be so easily exiled? From travelers, to love interests, and a new chef every night, The Canterville Ghost tells the story of a ghost who is no longer scary.

The Tower Players’ production team for this show consists of: KasiAnn Sweeney, director, and Anthony Pruester, assistant director; Matthew Leddin, technical director; and Catherine Cleary, costume and props designer; Sue Wankel, play production coordinator.

The Canterville Ghost is presented through a special arrangement with Concord Theatricals. For tickets, click here.

— Edited press release from RFH