Retro Rumson ‘That 70s’ Kinda Holidaze

A Rumson 1970s Christmas at the Hoey house
Photo/Tom Hoey

Nothing says 70s quite like a first (or second) Christmas snapshot of a Rumson family rockin’ the look around the tree.

His birthday today, of let’s say decades later, prompted Tom Hoey to post this time warp shot. From the tinsel, to the ornaments, to the hair and outfits and, especially, that TV, nothing could be more “that 70s” of a holiday pose.

Never mind the holiday, though. The TV alone brings back an awful lot of pre-internet memories. There were no remotes back then. Remember? In many households, there was only one TV, too. That meant an entire family having to agree on what show to watch. Partridge Family? The King Family Show (remember them?)? They always got all duded up for Christmas and had some sort of special. How about Lawrence Welk? He followed. Him and his bubbles. Oh, and speaking of bubbles, how about The Don Ho Show? Tiny Bubbles … Oh, there were quite a few classics over which to fight for the right to change that channel. Brady Bunch? Love Boat?

But, really, at holiday time, the thing to tune in to was that Yule Log special on channel 11. On Christmas Eve, the log was burning nonstop on the ol’ TV screen with Christmas songs on an endless loop. It’s still emblazoned in many a 70s kid’s head. That thing: It was like having a lava lamp on instant replay to mesmerize excitable kids and put them to sleep. Good try, but it didn’t really work. They were still waking up to see if they could “catch” Santa or prove he was a fake.

Oh, the channel flipping TV … Anyone ever try to change the channel (it made a lot of noise in the turning action) while Dad was “watching” a game and snoozing? “Hey! I was watching that!” Kids today … they have no idea.

What show did your entire family actually agree to watch together? Color or black and white?

Cheers to a new year and new Netflix episodes! How about a remake of Don Ho? Who’s with me? We could all use a little daydreaming about Hawaii about now. Tiny Bubbles from the grave?

Thanks for the trip back, Tom Hoey!

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management