Retro RFH Boys’ Wintry TGIF Toast

RFH guys spread winter cheer circa 1970s
Photo/courtesy of George Day

Raise your plastic cups and party on! It’s time for a little chill and toast to the cold snap of a weekend, courtesy of some RFH guys of the ’70s.

Yes, there’s nothing quite like roughing it — or hiding from cops and parents among the evergreens with a keg on snow and a toasty shots of something or other. Allegedly.

Hey, to be fair, these upper and mid-classmen of RFH could have been 18? One or two? And that stuff with which they are toasting could have been cold hot chocolate. Ahem. Well, a football is in the picture, so some healthy sporting may have been involved. Ahem again.

OK. No matter what the situation, they’re looking pretty happy and, yes, toasty. And, at the risk of getting this motley crew of snow-capped woodland party boys some 40-something-year-old detention and a trip in the paddy wagon, let’s join in their celebration. There would be three things to fete — the adventure (whatever it was), the cheers to it and the company, of course.

And, since there was no internet back in those ’70s days, they deserve a little decades overdue viral action. Pass it on, like a note in class back in the day …

Cheers to the ’70s TGIF role models! Don’t try this at home, kids.