Retro RFH Basketball Slam Dunkin’

RFH Boys Basketball play in the 1970s
Photo/George Day

Well, boys basketball season at RFH is here; and, it’s usually slam dunk of a success.

So, as an ode to the basketball season and RFH’s usual champion streak, the Retro Pic of the (George) Day takes us back to a banner home game in the 1970s. Or is it just a practice? There’s an audience and four balls on the court — that we can see. Two are in the air and two dribbled or at least RFH boy-handled on the court.

It’s anyone’s guess what’s going on in this shot. By the looks of RFHer Andrew Davidson, center, some wild basketball action is in play though. It almost looks like that one airborne basketball was head butted by Davidson. No, this is not soccer. This game? It’s a definite game of champions. Check out the court full of RFH stars.

Recognize anyone else in this pic? One is the dad of a current Fair Haven police officer who played RFH basketball himself. Know who that might be?

What is going on here? Caption this one, folks.

Many thanks to George Day for this winning shot back in time!

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