Retro Leaders of RFH Football Cheer

RFH cheerleaders of a different kind decades ago
Photo/RFH FB friend archives

The RFH Bulldogs are on a real winning streak on that football field. So, can we have a special cheer for RFH football?

Dawggoneit! It’s anyone’s guess what game these special RFH cheerleaders were cheering on; but, they were, at the very least, dressed for the occasion and spreading a lot of school spirit with the classic pyramid back in the 80s or so?

Hmmmmm … one of these cheer “dudes” is sporting a Fair Haven Soccer shirt. The fur cap is an interesting cheerleader outfit trend.

Hey, fashion aside, the cheer and spirit all went to the … dawgs!

So, cheers to the RFH Bulldogs and the latest big win!

Recognize these leaders of RFH cheer? What year? What game?

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