Retro Fifth Grade at Willow Street School

With all the ceremonies of Rumson and Fair Haven students’  transition from third to fourth grade and impending RFH graduation,  thoughts reverted to a time when there was no such thing — not that there’s anything wrong with it, though. It’s pretty adorable, really.

No, there really wasn’t a transitional ride or walk from one school in Fair Haven or Rumson to the next. And, in Fair Haven at least, back in the late 1960s and early 70s, students simply went to the school to which they lived closest — until that big ol’ jump to middle school, when everyone in the borough went to Knollwood for seventh and eighth grade. And no one got driven to school. They all walked or rode bikes together.

Oh, and what is now the Viola L. Sickles School was Willow Street School.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day offers a glimpse back to those days when fifth grade was at Sickles (well, Willow Street) and one of the most popular teachers of the era taught there — Mr. DeMarco.

I’m pretty sure that he won several awards in various capacities, not the least of which was some sort of teacher of the year for the state, I believe.

Speaking from experience, he really was a memorable teacher. Very patient. Very kind. Very intelligent. His lessons sunk into our little brains. Thanks, Mr. DeMarco.

Pictured is a class from the early 1970s. Many of these little faces are grown-ups in the area with their own kids. Recognize anyone?

Congrats to all the transitioning students!

— Elaine Van Develde


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