Retro Old Timers’ Day Tripping

A reprise Retro Pic of the Day in honor of Fair Haven Fire Department’s Old Timers’ on Sunday. Now, back to the 1960s with the annual FHFD tradition, now that new back then has turned into old …

Nothing says community spirit like a face full of dirt and smashed eggs on your Sunday casual best. Well, nothing like Fair Haven Fire Department’s (FHFD) Old Timers’ Day, anyway. Add to that the fact that the young ones from back in the day are now the old timers and the losers … of the traditional baseball game that is the day’s focal point.

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Scene Around: Fair Haven Fire Department Finery

It was a banner weekend for the Fair Haven Fire Department.

The forever Fair Haven group of volunteer firefighters, first aid tenders and auxiliary helpers swept some awards at another company’s 150th anniversary on Saturday and the next day celebrated the old and new with its traditional Old Timers’ Day.

Fair Haven, with it’s unique white trucks, has always stood out at parades and celebrations. This past weekend it was at Freehold Fire Department’s 150th anniversary that the department shone bright with its sharp, gleaming white apparatus and membership.

The department garnered first-place awards for: Most Active Members Present; Best Appearing Command Vehicle; Best Appearing Pumper 6-15 Years; Best Appearing Ambulance; and Best Appearing Rescue (light or heavy). A second-place award was won for Best Appearing Motorized Antique.

Congratulations, FHFD!

Then, on Sunday, the crew gathered to celebrate fire company tradition with a blend of generations, the old and new, in Old Timers’ Day. This gathering of all that’s good in connecting through volunteering and friendship for the community is a tradition that dates way back.

There are casual contests, fun, food and fire department family bonding. This fire company kid vividly remembers a tug of war and egg toss miserably lost. There may have been a two-legged race with sister tossed in the failures somewhere. Yet, everyone wins with this fire company day.

Take a look at the above photos, courtesy of the FHFD, for a glimpse into the win and Old Timers’ Day Gathering. (Click on one to enlarge and scroll.) Cheers to FHFD tradition! And, who won the egg toss?