Retro RFH Basketball Cheer

Retro RFH cheerleaders of the 1970s
Photo/George Day

A little reprise to celebrate basketball season and offer a special kind of cheer in pandemic surge times …

Yes, it’s RFH basketball season. You’ve seen these RFH “ladies” before …

They cheered on the crowd and the players in that infamous 1970s student-faculty basketball game.

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Scene Around: Gay 90s R-FH Area Moms

While 2021 culminated in a lot of loss coupled with a pandemic surge, there have been some stories of ageless triumph through the birth of the new year.

Those stories are of three Rumson-Fair Haven area moms who reveled in their 90s birthdays unscathed, embracing their new age baking, creating, celebrating and emulating one another’s secrets of how old is renewed — gold.

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