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Scene Around: Gay 90s R-FH Area Moms

While 2021 culminated in a lot of loss coupled with a pandemic surge, there have been some stories of ageless triumph through the birth of the new year.

Those stories are of three Rumson-Fair Haven area moms who reveled in their 90s birthdays unscathed, embracing their new age baking, creating, celebrating and emulating one another’s secrets of how old is renewed — gold.

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Rumson Garage Sale Serenade

By Elaine Van Develde

Suburban weekend garage sale perusing may be pretty common, but being serenaded by a local musical talent while doing so is not.

Yet, it happened recently at a Rumson garage sale. Longtime Fair Havenite and well-known pianist Teddie Caulfield decided to take a seat at a baby grand, tickle the ivories and entertain the folks who frequented her daughter and son-in-law’s (Daryl and Tom Ley) sale on Bellevue Avenue.

Someone in the family snuck up on her and caught the act on video. And it’s something special to hear.

Many know Caulfield from her piano playing at the Molly Pitcher for one of the area organizations and many events around the towns. In fact, she played on St. Patrick’s Day at the Knights of Columbus in Fair Haven.

Take it all in and enjoy a little show tune entertainment, courtesy of Teddie Caulfield. Thanks for the serenade, Mrs. C. See? You just never know what talent you may encounter while going about a typical suburban weekend of garage saling. Oh, and the piano? SOLD! And, yes, partly because of the demonstration treat.

Sorry, buyer, the pianist doesn’t come with the piano!

Do you know Teddie?

She is pictured above with RFH grad and actress Julia Mosby and her mom, Barbara.