Scene Around: Pulled Over by Police for a Chat & Reward

No tickets here. Just a reward checkpoint.

The longtime practice of both Rumson and Fair Haven police randomly stopping kids who they see wearing their helmets while biking, looking both ways, being courteous and everything else it takes to stay safe and rewarding them with a free ice cream card or other treat from a local business has long been a subtle perk of small town suburban life.

It’s been a way for police and kids to get to know one another and for cops to let kids know that doing the right thing reaps rewards, too.

Many a Rumson or Fair Haven kid has come home with a “get an ice cream for free” card for good behavior and a good childhood memory to bank rather than a fear of the flashing lights.

And with the new normal of social distancing, home schooling and play, Rumson police recently let kids know that they’re still on the beat patrolling for bike safety knowledge and safe play compliance.

Masked, police are “still continuing to safely interact with our community,” a recent Facebook post from the Rumson Police Department said.

“Patrolman Berger was on patrol and had the pleasure of meeting with members of the Wright family that were playing basketball together,” the post said. “After making a few basketball shots and answering a couple of bicycle safety questions Aleksandra and Jack were rewarded with free ice cream cards from a local business here in Rumson.”

Have your kids been stopped for safety compliance, a chat and ice cream rewards lately?

— Photos/Rumson PD