Retro Rumson First Aid by Boat

Rumson First Aid Squad members with new rescue boat in 1970
Photo/Rumson First Aid Squad archives

As part of National EMS Week, homage is paid to first aid squads, particularly the volunteer squads.

Both Rumson and Fair Haven have completely volunteer squads. Fair Haven has an official Water Rescue Unit. The unit originated as a dive squad in 1962. The squad has assisted all over the area over the years. There’s no diving anymore, but there is still water surface rescue, first aiders at the helm. There’s a boat. And first aiders are always running it, rushing to the aid of those who need it.

The Rumson First Aid Squad has a boat, too. No dive or scuba squad in its history, but the way to the water for rescue is in port. Has been for decades. Its members have been making calls on land and water for many years alongside assists from Fair Haven and other EMS folks.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day takes us back to the 1970s and Rumson’s unveiling of its newest boat.

Posing proudly with the acquisition are some longtime Rumson folks: Lenny Frischia, Joe Sorrentino, Nippy Pauels and Potsy Pomphrey. 

These squads weren’t rescuing people from great white sharks, as in the Jaws movie, and they may not need a bigger boat, but they do need plenty of thanks regularly for being there to help cure what ails those in their community.

It’s all about being there. And first aiders are there.