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Fair Haven Schools Students Make Their Mark with Art

The following is an edited press release from the Fair Haven School District:

Make Your Mark was the theme of the Fair Haven School District Art Show, featuring more than 1,000 pieces of original art.

“The art show is a great way to celebrate student talents and diverse ideas,” Knollwood School Art Teacher Kelly Fogas said. “The displayed works and items created throughout the year show the growth of artistic ability, conceptualization, and eagerness in our students.”

Students in Kindergarten through third grade at Viola L. Sickles School and in fourth through eighth grade at Knollwood School each contributed at least one project for display at the show on April 14.

This year’s show represented the district’s implementation of new standards in the Visual Arts program.

Those standards focus on essential questions to help develop both critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Fair Haven Visual Arts students are encouraged to create, present, respond, and connect their artwork to ideas that have personal meaning. This was reflected in the context of each of the displayed pieces.

Featured at the Art Show this year was a ceramics wheel and the Knollwood students’ creations from its use. The wheel was acquired as the result of a grant requested by and awarded to the Knollwood School Art Teachers by the Fair Haven Parent Teacher Association.

Also on display at the show was a variety of drawings and paintings as well as paper, wood and ceramic sculptures.

Fair Haven School District Art Teachers are: RoseAnn LaBrocca K-3, Viola L. Sickles School; Kelly Fogas grades 4 to 8, Knollwood School; and Chris Dudick, 5th and 8th grades, Knollwood School.

Art Show coordinators were Stephanie Bates and Marisa Coar.