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New Hires in Fair Haven

By Elaine Van Develde

You may have noticed a couple of new faces in Fair Haven Borough Hall and around town.

That’s because in the past month, there have been two permanent new hires in the borough.

Jennifer Johnson has been appointed as the part-time administrative assistant for Engineering, Zoning, Code Enforcement, Public Works and Records Management.

Her pay is $15 an hour; and, she is to be working an average of 25 hours a week, or no more than 100 per month, according to the resolution, which was approved at the May 11 Borough Council meeting. The hiring was effective May 12.

In addition, Director of Engineering and Public Works Richard Gardella recommended Justin Herner be appointed as a part-time borough  seasonal laborer at $11 per hour. The recommendation was approved via resolution at the May 11 council meeting.

His hours for the job are not to exceed part-time limits, according to the resolution.