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Retro Fair Havenite Fishin’

Fair Havenite Chum Chandler fishing Photo/Chandler family
Fair Havenite Chum Chandler fishing
Photo/Chandler family

There’s nothing quite like going fishing on the Navesink on those summer days.

So, today’s Retro Pic of the Day honors the tradition with a look back at a very popular native Fair Havenite doing a little solo fishing — Chum Chandler.

Chum passed away in March of 2015. He lived his life in Fair Haven, knew everyone and every simple pleasure about local life. Know when and where this pic was taken?

So, here’s to a happy, healthy summer from a real local perspective!

RIP, Chum Chandler. Gone fishin’!

Photo/courtesy of the Chandler family

Retro Families in Community Service: The Brothers Chandler

By Elaine Van Develde

They were both just that kind of guy — the kind people remember.

They were George Chandler and brother Warren — Chum to most. George, the former Fair Haven police chief and 65-year fire company member was laid to rest a couple of weeks ago at 92. His brother, Chum, died last March, a 64-year fireman.

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Former Fair Haven Police Chief, 65-Year Fireman George Chandler Dies

George Chandler Photo/courtesy of John E. Day Funeral Home
George Chandler
Photo/courtesy of John E. Day Funeral Home

The marquee on the Fair Haven firehouse is once again a sign of sad news. Another Fair Haven community pillar has passed — former Police Chief and 65-year fire company member, George Chandler.

His death comes just about a year after that of his brother Chum.

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Retro Ode to Good Neighbor Chum Chandler

Chum Chandler back in the day Photo/courtesy of the Chandler family
Chum Chandler back in the day
Photo/courtesy of the Chandler family

Well, once we published our first in a series of good (old) neighbors and asked for nominations, it didn’t take long to get an onslaught of nominations to feature  Fair Haven’s Chum Chandler as a shining example of neighborliness.

So, Chum is our Retro Pic of the Day good neighbor.

Chandler, who passed away not long ago, was a native Fair Havenite, RFH grad, local businessman, Fair Haven Fire Company lifetime member and just all-around quirky, personable character. Anyone who knew him would tell you that he embodied all that’s good in this slice of suburbia.

He was known as a tall order of tough pull-yourself-up-by-the- bootstraps love always ready to lend a hand, share a good joke, poke a little fun and spread his zest for life and, yes, the town that he loved.

The man who was known as a good neighbor to the entire borough also believed in paying it forward; and he did just that.

Thank you to neighbor Chum Chandler. People are paying your message forward.



A Fair Haven Farewell to Chum Chandler

By Elaine Van Develde

As was true-to-form for Chum Chandler, people are scratching their heads … itching to know where time went and why it must inevitably take someone like him away.

Mourned in a celebration of his life on Saturday, Chum Chandler, an iconic, lifelong Fair Havenite and 64-year fireman, was remembered as tall order of head-scratching, suspender-donning, side-splitting tough wrapped in a tender life embrace.

He called people by the wrong names just to mess with them. He loved to sneak in some sweets. His tell-it-like-it-is sayings spared no one. He was lovingly stingy with his show of emotion. He adorned his family and friends with a lot of anecdotal stories and strength. His eyes twinkled with mischief. He had no pretense.

He was, yes, a Fair Haven character — a big chunk of community foundation.

His family and friends told his story on Saturday at the Fair Haven firehouse — a place where Chum spent many years. But everyone knew him already.

They knew that guy. They knew his story. That’s because he was the kind of stuff Fair Haven is made of — a World War II U.S. Navy veteran, husband, father, brother, friend, neighbor, volunteer and just an unassuming, hard-working man trying to do the right thing, enjoy life to the fullest and pay it forward.

And, by all accounts, he did just that.

“It’s not what you take with you when you leave this world, it’s what you leave behind when you go,” his memorial card read.  “You left behind more than you could ever imagine …”

The family and friends of Chum still tried to account for it all, but what he left behind was more than they could possibly summon in a day’s worth of remembrance. Still, they made it through with enough Chum snippets and sound bites to celebrate him.

They talked about his ornery humor. It made them laugh between the tears. There was nothing blurred about their vision of Chum, though.

Daughter Lizzie scratched her head in imitation of her dad and his infernal noggin itch as, inevitably, some nugget of humor, wisdom or “one-of-a-kind” advice would drop out of his mouth like a candy in a Pez dispenser.

Carol, forever teased for talking too much, grappled to find the right words — words that she wished would prompt a familiar “Go pound salt!” from dad above.

He had lived with her for the past four years, she said. Fetching him some tea, feeding him something that his stomach wanted and just looking in on him to see if he was comfortably resting at bedtime was what she had grown accustomed to doing — “caring and worrying about you every day, even though you were independent,” like a parent.

The roles had reversed. And, she said, the nurturing became treasured time.

Grandson Michael (Chandler) West was grateful for having had a grandfather like Chum, with a special brand of gusto that caused him to insist that his girlfriend Dana’s name was Donna, because, when corrected, “Dana, Donna … same thing,” was the only answer he got. Until Dana turned the tables on him.

And, Michael said, Pop-Pop turned out to be one of the funniest people Dana ever met.

“Turn that s**t down!” he imitated, remembering Pop-Pop knocking on his brother Chandler’s wall when the video games started to sound like bad, newfangled rock music to him.

Ever so lively, Michael said he wasn’t used to seeing his grandfather so calm.

Before he died, he was sleeping. It was quiet and dark. Michael just wanted to spend some time with his grandfather, “even if you weren’t awake.

“But what did I see? As I turned around the corner and entered the dark room with the lights turned off, I see something I haven’t seen for a few weeks now. I see this white flash moving back and forth. It’s none other than you scratching that ‘damn itch’ on your damn head that you ‘almost damn near got’ for the past five or six years!”

He got it. His family got it. His friends got it. The community got it. There’s no more head-scratching for Warren “Chum” Chandler.

The 89-year-old father to seven, grandfather to 15 and great-grandpa to three, with one one the way, was laid to rest on Monday at B.G. William Doyle Veterans Cemetery, Arneytown, N.J.

But those he left behind will keep itching to fulfill a legacy like his.

RIP, Warren “Chum” Chandler. We’re scratching.

Going Retro with Fair Haven’s Chum & Bette Chandler

Fair Haven’s Chum and Bette Chandler on their wedding day Photo/courtesy of Carol Chandler-West


Today and tomorrow are the days Fair Havenites are spending saying goodbye to lifetime resident Chum Chandler, who was also a 65-year member of the Fair Haven Volunteer Fire Company.

So, we felt it only fitting to honor Chum and his wife Bette, who predeceased him in 1996, in today’s Retro Pic of the Day.

The two were married on Sept. 25, 1955, daughter Carol Chandler-West said in a Facebook post.

“I was blessed with two special parents, and for giving me a wonderful life,” she said. “God Bless!!!”

RIP, Chum and Bette Chandler.

Services Set for Fair Haven’s ‘Chum’ Chandler

The marquee on the Fair Haven firehouse is once again bearing some sad news.

Yet another member of the deep-rooted fire department kin has passed. Longtime Fair Havenites know the borough-anchored family. They knew the family’s departed patriarch and fondly remember his tall stature topped by a grand zest for life and love of all things family and community — it was all synonymous for the man people knew as Chum Chandler.

Chum, a lifelong Fair Haven resident and 65-year member of its fire company, died at 89 on March 8, leaving behind a compassionate life lived to the fullest, his family said in his obituary.

There will be a service/visitation for Chum Chandler on  Friday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. at Thompson Memorial Home, 310 Broad St., Red Bank. There will be a fire department tribute at 7:30.

And on Saturday there will be a celebration, as his family put it in his obituary, of his life at the Fair Haven firehouse, on River Road, from 1 to 5 p.m.

Warren “Chum” Chandler will be buried in the Brig. Gen. Wm. C. Doyle Veterans Cemetery in Arneytown, NJ.

The following is some more information taken directly from his obituary on Thompson Memorial Home’s website:

Chum Chandler served his country proudly during WWII in the US Navy, South Pacific.

The owner of Chandler Septic Tank Service, Chum was a 65-year member of the Fair Haven Fire Department.

He loved to hunt, fish and crab and was a founding member of The Sea Bright Rod and Gun Club. He loved all sports and participated in the Rumson Veterans Football, the Willow Brook Golf Club, and numerous baseball teams and bowling leagues.

Chum as a loyal fan of the N.Y. Mets and Giants. He “lived a full life whose fun-loving personality will live on forever!”

Chum was predeceased by his wife Elizabeth “Betty” (Long).

He is survived by: sons Warren (Stephanie), George (Judi), Richard (Lisa), Peter (Natasha); daughters Elizabeth (Dan), Carol (Mike), Deborah (Dan); 15 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren; and special friend, Joan Fowler.

In lieu of flowers, please consider donations to the Fair Haven Fire Department, 635 River Rd., Fair Haven, NJ 07704.

Many have good memories of Chum Chandler. Please share your memories with us as we prepare a full memorial tribute. Email anything you’d like to share to evd@rfhretro.com