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Sea Bright Farmers Market Feature: Cheesy and Udderly Fresh

This Sea Bright Farmers Market butter, cheese and probiotic comes to you straight from the cow’s utters — the grass-fed cow’s.

That’s the scoop Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect got from Chris Stoner of Central Valley Farm.

“Yes, that’s my real name,” she said while explaining the makings of some special farm fresh products her farm sells at the market on Thursdays. “People always joke around with me and say, ‘What, exactly is it that you’re growing on that farm?'”

The truth, she said, is that they’re growing lots of vegetables and herbs, harvesting eggs from the chickens, and milking the grass-fed cows at least twice a day. And that organic milk is then churned into butter and turned into cheese, probiotic shakes and fruity treats.

“Yes, the butter, cheeses and shakes come right from the cow,” Stoner said. “Totally organic. Very yummy.”

The farm offers several different types of cheese, such as gouda, dill cheese cubes, ricotta, and the favorite, Jersey Cheese, is a soft, mild cheddar, she said.

We tried the farm fresh butter. It is a creamy organic dream. And it will, yes, melt in your mouth. We’re now convinced that there’s nothing better than fresh butter.

It’s not salty. “We use about a pinch of salt per four pounds, so if you like it a little saltier, you should add some on your own,” Stoner said.