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Former FH Sunoco at a Standstill

Site of the former Fair Haven Sunoco gas station Photo/Elaine Van Develde
Site of the former Fair Haven Sunoco gas station
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

It seems as if plans for future development at the Fair Haven Sunoco station have run out of the gas to drive them home.

One thing, though, seems pretty clear — that the site at 626 River Road won’t become another gas station.

The site has been completely cleared of underground tanks and remediated for safe development. But it’s static and empty, with no sign of any sort of comeback — not yet, anyway.

“There’s no tenant,” Fair Haven Mayor Ben Lucarelli said. “It’s in a state of limbo between Sunoco and someone who may or may not be under contract (to develop the site). The site has been decommissioned and debranded, so one would assume that was done for a transfer of title. Maybe, maybe not.”

Who that title would have been or is in the works of being transferred to, the mayor said he did not know.

As for the notion of another gas station, not only have the tanks to make that a reality been removed, but “that business model in a small town is shot,” Lucarelli said. “Any new gas station being built right now is something like a WaWa or a Quick Check, with 16-24 pump operations on big highways.”

There used to be several gas stations between Rumson and Fair Haven. Now each borough is down to one.

Fair Haven is in the process of reworking its master plan. There has been talk of some zone changes and alterations.

What sort of development do you think the site, now zoned for business, is ripe for?