Retro RFH TGIF Toga Party

RFH Class of 1979 guys toga partying Photo/George Day
RFH Class of 1979 guys toga partying
Photo/George Day

A reprise, just because … TGIF!

Oh, the weekend has arrived … and what better way to celebrate than raising a glass to memories of an old toga party.  Remember those?

So, it stands to reason that people in the spirit of summer partying and, well, spirits, may have been of the mind that thoughts of a cool summer meant donning a sheet, a festive wreath and, of course, raising a goblet of something or other to warm times with cool friends … or cool times with warm friends. Whatever way you look at it, this was definitely a classic party moment.

It features a gaggle of RFH Class of 1979 guys.

As the saying goes, “When in Rome …” or Rumson … or Fair Haven … or someone’s basement … or somewhere … get your toga and party on to cool, albeit flush-faced, thoughts.

So, the Retro Pic of the (George) Day is a little toast to these toasty guys with a little retro “Cheers!” worked in.

Hey, it could have been soda they were drinking. Only the goblet knows for sure … and the guys. After all, in all fairness, it was the age of an 18-year-old drinking age. But, of course, that was soda, pop, uh, Kool Aid?

Recognize any of these guys? Know where they were?

— Thanks to George Day for another fabulous moment in RFH time captured!

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management