Retro RFH Sunny Daze Chat & Ride

RFH girls of the 1970s out on a free period
Photo/RFH yearbook

Well, the sun came out and dried up all the rain, and snow, and wintery yuck yesterday.

And when the sun comes out, it’s always been a rite of passage for RFHers to get outside. No, we’re not talking about cutting class. We’re just saying that when the sun calls after a stretch of yuck, RFH students have always answered with at least a trip to the front, side, or back of the high school — or Piping Rock Park … or the old Campus Luncheonette.

But, sometimes the answer to that sun call manifests itself in a simple chat outside with a getaway convertible ready to roll, should the urge strike and the top go down.

That’s how they rolled at RFH in the 1970s. Hey, with the modular system and those free periods with which students could do whatever they chose, a ride was sometimes, or many times, a cure-all for sunnier times after winter doldrums. Something like that.

Nobody really thought all that much about it. They just did it — soaked up the sun and rode with the flow, or the coolest of the kids.

In 1975, when this pic was taken, the most popular car was the Oldsmobile Cutlass. This getaway convertible? Know what it was? Your favorite ’70s getaway car?

Chat and ride on!