Simple Summer: RFH Beach Babies Reunited

It doesn’t get any simpler or better — best of childhood friends never parting.

This crew of Rumson- and Fair Haven-raised RFH grad girls emulates the sentiment, too. They have been friends most of their lives and they keep the friendship going strong with regular reunions. This one has a special name, and it’s not Beach Babies. It’s the other B word that rhymes with witches.

Yes, in this cauldron of kinship is a bond to keep the b–ch brew stirred and strong. They recently met on the beach in Florida for a little fishing, frolicking, feasting, funning, forever friending, and, of course, a little b–ching — all in good fun.

Yes, from the Fair Haven and/or Rumson neighborhood “Can Peggy, or Jeanne, or Ginger, or Mary, or Cathy come out to play?” days to, dare we say, seniors b—ches on the beach days, the sharing of stories and making of new memories never ends with them. It’s the kind of thing that keeps a soul strong and thriving through every twist, turn, up and down of life. How lucky they are. What a lesson for anyone to learn.

Best of friends never parting … There’s nothing simpler that does both soul and heart better in one simple summer day.

Know these RFH girls? Can you guess what their best high school antic was? Hmmmm … Show us your bestie times!

What’s your simple summer time to cure what ails?

— Photos/courtesy of Peggy Miller

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management