Retro Old Timers’ Day Tripping

A reprise Retro Pic of the Day in honor of Fair Haven Fire Department’s Old Timers’ on Sunday. Now, back to the 1960s with the annual FHFD tradition, now that new back then has turned into old …

Nothing says community spirit like a face full of dirt and smashed eggs on your Sunday casual best. Well, nothing like Fair Haven Fire Department’s (FHFD) Old Timers’ Day, anyway. Add to that the fact that the young ones from back in the day are now the old timers and the losers … of the traditional baseball game that is the day’s focal point.

But it’s not all about the game, really. It is and always has been about the young and old(ISH), generations, getting together to celebrate the camaraderie within the fire department family. That, some food, drink, egg tosses, wheelbarrowing and good old fashioned love of home are what the day is all about.

It’s been an annual tradition for decades. Ad on this past Sunday, the tradition took hold once again as the young ones won the ball game and the everyone ate a little dirt, got some egg on face or clothes and had a good ole time remembering that everything young is old again — or something like that. You get the idea.

Either way, a little Old Timers’ Day spirit rejuvenates the heart and soul of a Fair Havenite for the sake of the fire company. Old Timers’ Day or not, though, those old fashioned barbecue games are classics.

Take a look back at some wheelbarrowing and gaming, courtesy of the FHFD, and tell us: Who are those agile mules crossing the finish line? Do you wheelbarrow or toss eggs best? How about balancing those eggs on spoons? What’s your favorite summer fun competition? Which are the old timers’ best?

Thanks to the FHFD for these classic looks back at Old Timers’ Days of the past!

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management