Retro Fair Haven FD Old Timers’ Ride

Fair Haven Fire Department Old Timers’ Day circa 1960s

What a ride!

Indeed. It’s been quite a ride in many ways for the Fair Haven Fire Department, which just celebrated its 120th anniversary on June 1. Still in service to the community. Always celebrating another year of service and camaraderie. And when you pair some classic Fair Haven Fire Department old timers — actually one then new-timer, now a real old timer — with an old classic of a car on a fun day back in the 1960s, you get a classic snapshot begging for a caption.

What’s going on here? Well, these two FHFD old timers (one present one, anyway) who were relatively new back then were celebrating FHFD’s Old Timers’ Day. How? We’re not exactly sure. But, they’re definitely in the middle of some sort of grande entrance … or something like that.

They’re sporting some joy ride grins, for sure, though. And what happens in the classic car stays with the classic guys we’re guessing. We know those classic guys in the photo. They represent generations of firemen. So, where’s the fire?

In this scenario, only a flame of fun was fanned. After all, that’s what Old Timers’ Day is all about. The ride through the day and the fun had at one of many wheels — including members’ impersonations of wheelbarrows in a dirt-laden race.

In this case, we may never know what happened on that ride. We do know a bit of the story from a daughter of the official old timer in the photo, Joe Connor (left).

“Remember this well,” said Evie Connor Kelly. “That was Dad’s car and the loser of Old Timers’ Day had to chauffeur the winner in the Caddy. You can see who lost. Dad loved that car but eventually gave it to me and Barbara Connor Halligan. Drove that to school every day.”

They were parked for the field day of antics, socializing and gaming, though, but in what spot?

So, who’s up for the old timers’ ride? Can you caption this?