Changing Landscape: Power of Place 2020

There’s a great deal of power in place. The places in people’s lives anchor them, comfort them, change them, inspire them. Each place to which we travel, even within our own hometown iconic spots, does one or all of these things. In one way or another, place defines us. That’s the power in place. It brings us to a home base in our hearts.

People say that you just can’t go home again. Yes, you can. Those iconic spots, those comfort triggers, like a hot cup of cocoa on an icy cold day, keep us warm, embraced. When those embraces grab us, especially in the unprecedented distanced times of 2020 and its pandemic pandemonium, home or not, calm sets in and memory triggers, recent or long past, enfold the power of place. Yes, it’s the big hug we all needed in 2020.

So, get in the middle and feel the power of place. Take a look back at those places that soothed us, iconic spots that transitioned, businesses that survived and even flourished on the streets where you live in the Rumson-Fair Haven area.

Each has its own significance. Give the heartstrings a tug with this little hug as you remember … Stay tuned for our Iconic Spot features in 2021 as you peruse.

Stay safe and embraced by your power of place!

Don’t forget to click on any image to enlarge and scroll! Enjoy!

Photos/Elaine Van Develde (and photos of Frame It Yourself and Fisk Chapel provided by them)

**Photos are copyrighted for R-FH Retro publication only and not for use in any other publication or album.**

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management