Retro Forrestdale Basketball Slam Dunk

A 1970s RFH basketball moment Photo/George Day
A 1970s RFH basketball moment
Photo/George Day

It’s basketball season these school days. So, we’re bringing this up again …

It’s no secret that RFH has had some slam dunk success with the sport. So has Rumson’s Forrestdale School. 

So, to honor the basketball season and victory scores of both high and middle schools, the Retro Pic of the (George) Day offers a look back at the Forrestdale basketball sidelines and the young players, photographer and scorekeeper of an early 1970s high school game.

The uniforms are quite different now, no matter which school. Hey, uniform trends were unique in the 70s, let’s say. Then again, there were those horrific gym suits for girls that made everyone look like skewered marshmallows or a baby with a full diaper. Yeah, ew. That’s what we said. 

The guys lucked out a bit. A bit. But those basketball shorts were much higher on the thighs than anything we’ve seen on the courts since. Who wears short shorts? Wait, that was the iconic line in that Nair commercial back in the day.

Well, these guys wore short shorts. And they played a good game. Aside from the old uniforms, that may have us a bit captivated, all the guys in this photo are fixated on something.

All eyes are looking in one direction. And the scorekeeper is staring and poised to push that button and the photographer (Andy Koch?) is focused and ready to shoot.

Anyone remember this moment and what the focus was on? Come on, zoom! Anyone? Now, about those uniforms … Preferences?

Thanks again, George Day, for this priceless score in Forrestdale photography history!