Scene Around: Copping COVID Storytime Bloopers

After a three-month-long daily pandemic story time on film, Fair Haven police officers are taking their final bow and exiting stage left from their brief career in pictures.

But, before they went offstage, they wanted to give everyone a peek into their finest blooper moments.

Through all the tough COVID-19 isolation times, the officers brought some daily cheer — and a bit of fumbled, unseen narration.

Focus. Take one.

Readying themselves for their close-ups, they didn’t have an awful lot of rehearsal time. How many takes did it actually take? We’ll never know.

But, here’s a taste of their rise to brief stardom. Which officer do think had the most stage fright? Thanks for the pandemic cheer! Aaaaaaand rolling …

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John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management