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Focus: Maddy Massabni’s Birthday Gifting

It was a milestone birthday meant to embrace and roll softly away with the tide, the color, the sunshine, the love, the reminder of her …

Twenty-one pink roses in hand, they walked from Maddy Massabni’s home to her favorite spot on the beach at Anchorage in Sea Bright. They were the loved ones of the Rumson teen who passed away suddenly two years ago on March 30, just three days after her 19th birthday, from toxic shock syndrome.

Maddy would have turned 21 on March 27. That’s why there were 21 pink roses, her favorite. For those who could get to the beach, there was a poem read by Maddy’s mom, Dawn, and a little celebration with hugs, tears, gratitude and a tossing of the roses into the surf Maddy so loved. Out with the tide.

Those who couldn’t be at the beach, celebrated Maddy’s 21st by creating their own home memorials, gravitating to a body of water to signify the Sea Bright spot or just displaying a single pink rose, even giving one to someone to brighten their day unknowingly with Maddy’s love.

In Maddy’s memory, a non-profit foundation dubbed Don’t Shock Me has been created to raise awareness of toxic shock and pay Maddy’s kind spirit forward. Stay tuned for more on that. In the meantime, Happy Birthday, Maddy Massabni! You are remembered.

Take a look at snippets of the celebration in photos from friends and remember … (Don’t forget to click on each to enlarge!)

A Mourning Walk for Maddy Massabni & Many Others

Hundreds walked A Mourning Walk on Sunday to honor their loved ones who have passed. Rumson mom Dawn Tilton Massabni was one of them. So was her son, Georgie and a host of other Team Don’t Shock Me supporters who honored the memory of Maddy Massabni.

Maddy, a Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School graduate, lost her life at 19 to the ramifications of toxic shock syndrome. That was Dawn’s particular cause. There were many messages to be heard in the mourning of the many others as well.

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A Mother’s Mission: Maddy’s Gift of Love

What’s a mother to do when the light of her life is extinguished? Dawn Tilton Massabni has been looking for an answer to that question for about a year now — since the day her dauntless, bright spirited 19-year-old daughter Maddy died unexpectedly from toxic shock syndrome on March 30, 2017 at 4:55 p.m.

That answer, or any other, has hardly come easily for the longtime Rumson mom and Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) graduate who grew up in the area and raised her family there. But now she thinks she’s found a way to keep the light that she and so many knew as Maddy shining bright.

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