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Knollwood Students Get Tech Savvy

Fair Haven students are getting more tech savvy every day.

And they’re doing so in different venues. The latest tech adventure: EdTech Coach Chris Aviles and eight Knollwood School students recently participated in the Maker Faire technology event at Barnes and Noble Booksellers in Eatontown.

Maker Faire attendees experienced the latest technologies in 3D printings, robotics, coding and more Nov. 6 to 8.

Barnes and Noble had asked Aviles and his fifth- and sixth-grade Innovation Lab students to participate. The eight students who took part in Maker Faire also attended and helped facilitate two hands-on workshops on Nov. 7. The workshops — Little Makers, for ages 5 and up, and Junior Makers for ages 8 and up — allowed youngsters to explore the creation of structures using Lego brand building materials.

“I really enjoy my time in Innovation Lab, because there are so many different options for what we can work on,” said RJ McCormack, one of the students on hand at the event. “It’s really fun because you get to choose your curriculum.

“For example, we can disassemble iPhones, tablets, or cameras as well as work with Minecraft or on coding .— we’ve even taken bicycles apart and reassembled them to make ‘new’ bicycles for people who need them.”

Also on Nov. 7, Aviles made a solo presentation as part of Meet the Maker, where presentations were held daily to allow local “makers” — thought leaders and educators — to inform attendees about the latest trends in designing, building and creating. Aviles spoke about the importance of “making” and student-centered learning.

One of only about a dozen individuals worldwide with Google Lead Learner credentials, Aviles is also a Google-certified trainer and innovator. As the Fair Haven School District’s EdTech coach, his responsibilities include training staff and teaching students at Viola L. Sickles and Knollwood Schools in the use of technology.