Retro RFH Girls’ Track Run-On

RFH Girls Track run time circa 1970s
Photo/George Day

It’s time for the girls to make a run for it at RFH. Yes, it’s track season.

So, we celebrate staying on track for the season with a look back the 1970s and some running on the RFH track. Who’s that lady? That running lady? We’re not sure.

But, the shot by RFHer George Day, yearbook photographer of the 1970s extraordinaire, captures the climate of a winning track season and the real relay notion of passing that baton. Is this the last runner, or anchor? Or is she sprinting to pass the baton to the next?

Whomever, she’s on track for a win and nothing’s stopping her. Notice how her feet are off the ground? Now, that’s the way to fly high into a good season.

So, here’s to passing the baton to this year’s varsity girls team and crossing the finish line in true RFH winning style.

**George Day’s photos are exclusively for publication on R-FH Retro**