Retro Tears for Santa

The Harvey boys' visit to Santa at the Fair Haven Firehouse 2015 Photo/Paula Harvey
The Harvey boys’ visit to Santa at the Fair Haven Firehouse 2015
Photo/Paula Harvey

The search begins once again for Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect’s miserable children with Santa photos.

Today’s Retro Pic of the Day takes us back a couple of years (yes, that’s retro enough) to James Dylan and Jack Austin Harvey’s trip to see Santa at the Fair Haven Firehouse gone a bit awry. Yes, it’s a reprise, but it’s a classic that called for the encore.

Mom, Paula, full sense of humor intact, couldn’t resist submitting this classic photo in 2015.

One day the boys will appreciate it. Maybe.

Paula says that Jack, the featured 17-month-old crier, burst into tears at the sight of ol’ Saint Nick, so there was no time to utter any sort of present request.

“I wish he did but he took one look and he just couldn’t handle it!” she said in an email. “I didn’t even try to get a smiling picture. Lasted a whole 30 seconds and we moved on … We are still laughing at the whole experience and know he’ll be easier next year!”

Probably true, Paula. Don’t you just want to give him a hug (through the giggles), though? Adorable. And check out brother James’ smile. Is that a smile? It’s something, alright!

James asked for a fire truck in the midst of what Paula called a “beautiful experience.”

And little milestones like these certainly are just that!

Merry Christmas, Harvey clan! Send us the new pics!

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— Elaine Van Develde