Retro McCarter Skate

Carson Kirman gets to the winter sport of hockey and skating on McCarter Pond in 2015
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

It’s not as if most any adventurous kid wouldn’t try a little skating on thin ice in more ways than one. But, the ice was definitely thick enough at McCarter Pond in Fair Haven this one January day in 2015.

It was thick enough for Carson Kirman and his buddies to rally and have a little dusk skate on the pond. Call it tradition.

So, in the interest of equal pond skating time, we honor the McCarter inaugural skate on a cold January day not quite as far back as 1970. See? Some things never change — except skating fashion, of course.

Hoodies and hockey sticks work well for these guys. We may have done better with the sticks to lean on, rather than play with. There are no fashionable stocking hats here.

These guys were roughing it. All that hockey play keeps a body warm  — if you’re skilled enough to stay vertical, that is.

Have you checked the ice today?