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A Retro RFH Basketball Cheer


The boys of RFH's cheerleading squad for the Student-Faculty Basketball Game in 1976. Photo/RFH yearbook screenshot
The boys of RFH’s cheerleading squad for the Student-Faculty Basketball Game in 1976.
Photo/RFH yearbook screenshot

Yes, it’s basketball season at RFH. But, have you ever seen a lovelier bunch of cheerleaders?

OK, you just may have — like the guys who cheered for that 1977 RFH Powder Puff Football game.

Well, this Retro Pic of the Day features a different bunch from a different class and for a different game — the RFH Student-Faculty Basketball Game. But do you know exactly what year it was? And who are those faculty photo bombers in the background?

Here’s a clue: It looks like John Kirman is the tallest one in the photo above of the “girls” getting set and standing for a new routine.

— Elaine Van Develde

A Retro RFH Basketball Cheer!

Hey, purple! Hey, white! You look so good to me! Hey, hey, hey, purple! Hey white!

It went something like that — the cheerleader mantra out there on the basketball court. And, of course, what would a retro ode to RFH basketball be without a little rah-rah about the cheerleaders cheering the team on.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day pays slam dunk homage to cheerleaders on the basketball court. Well, they’re a special breed of cheerleader.

Take a close look. This little cross-dressing prank was played regularly in the RFH sports cheering of the 1970s.

In this special look back at an RFH Student-Faculty Basketball Game, the guys are donning the girls’ outfits, which  were as completely different then as the basketball uniforms. The ol’ preppie plaid kilt skirt and crew neck sweater with knee socks and saddle shoes was it. Though these “gals” had to go with workbooks and sneakers, because the shoes just didn’t fit.

The cheering of yesteryear involved a lot of clapping, shouting and stomping. Oh, and pom-poms! And megaphones! There were no boas, but I think this crew may have worn them quite well. Cheers, guys!

Looks like a Fair Haven Kirman is leading the pack there! Recognize anyone else? And, hey, anyone remember a cheer or two? Slam dunk!

— Elaine Van Develde