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Focus: More House on Fair Haven’s Church Street

The street that is called Church Street in Fair Haven is looking less and less like its namesake.

Old-time residents of the street that fronted River Road with the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion have expressed some chagrin since the longtime church came down on the .54-acre parcel and a three-home subdivision by Kolarsick Builders — of one 3,000- and two 2,000-square-feet, roof-porched homes with garages and decks — was approved.

Development on the property had been stagnant since it was put on the market in October of 2010. After being shown a reported 43 times since (between 2011 and 2014) and for various uses, the subdivision was deemed the most appropriate fit the the Planning Board.

Now, several months after approval, two homes fronting Church Street are now undergoing finishing touches and the foundation is set for the third slated to front River Road.

The street had always comprised a close knit neighborhood of many who lived in much smaller versions of homes on the street in the 1960s through 1980s and ’90s. They keep in touch or remain close friends. Some still live on the street.

Those who no longer live there or close by have been asking lately what the street where they lived looks like. Here it is, old time Church Street people.

And, no, as we’ve confirmed before, there are no plans to change the name to House Street.

— Elaine Van Develde


So Long to Church Street’s Church in Fair Haven

By Elaine Van Develde (photos and story)

The namesake of Church Street in Fair Haven will soon be gone.

The steeple of the longstanding Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion at the corner of the aptly coined Church Street and River Road is still standing, but most of the house of worship has been demolished.

As part of a Planning Board-approved subdivision plan, the demolition of the six-year-shuttered church on a .54-acre parcel, the last renovation of which  was deemed a “do-it-yourself project by a very adventurous (group of) builder(s)” in the late 1960s by Rumson builder Kolarsick attorney Brooks Von Arx, began on Tuesday.

As of 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, only the front quarter of the church remained.

Von Arx had said that razing the church was warranted to make way for the unanimously board-approved three-home subdivision because the structure was found to be in disrepair and lacked the architectural integrity or historic background to warrant preservation.

Along with the church, a two-story dwelling and former nursery school on the site were demolished.

The with no historic or architectural integrity to warrant preservation, will now be razed, as will a former nursery school, sanctuary and two-story rectory dwelling that sit on the site.

A church has sat at the location since the late 1800s, thus the namesake street.

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Subdivision Deemed Good Fit for Longtime Fair Haven Church Property

By Elaine Van Develde

Before long, Fair Haven’s Church Street will no longer be true to its namesake.

The borough’s Planning Board unanimously approved a three-home subdivision — of one 3,000- and two 2,000-square-feet, roof-porched homes with garages and decks — on the .54-acre parcel of land at the corner of River Road and Church Street, which long into the borough’s history has housed the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion.

The subdivision takes up “890-square-feet less than what (currently) exists,” said Elizabeth Waterbury, the planner who testified for the applicant, Rumson-based Kolarsick Builders Inc., at Wednesday night’s Planning Board meeting. “We’re staying within FAR (floor-area ratio) we’re staying within maximum habitable (space) … looking to create a conforming subdivision.”

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