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Simple Summer: Gone Crabbin’

Crabbing at the Fair Haven Dock. Photo/Elaine Van Develde
Crabbing at the Fair Haven Dock.
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

A Simple Summer reprise from 2016 … ’cause everyone could use a little river time now …

Yes, it’s pretty simple. Summertime crabbing at the Fair Haven Dock.

It’s the go-to simple summer activity in the Rumson-Fair Haven area.

It’s something that spans generations and demographics. If you grew up in this area, it’s pretty customary to, at some point in your youth, grab a bucket, a net and steal some of your mother’s chicken (that she may have counted on cooking that night) to go crabbing at the dock.

Who knows? You could end up changing the dinner menu anyway.

It’s a simple summer thought of the day. See?

Focus: Dock Daze of Crabbing

Sometimes all it takes to brighten a dreary day is a net, a fishing pole, a dock and some bait. It’s all about getting crabby.

No matter the catch haul, after a day of this at the Fair Haven Dock, someone fishing for some simple solace and smile will likely end up with a bucket of cheer called home —and some dinner.

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Simple Summer: Crabbing & Catching a Sunset

It doesn’t get much more simple in the summer than hanging a cage filled with raw chicken bait over the side of the Fair Haven Dock, netting crabs and catching a prime sunset view in the mix.

That’s what this Simple Summer photo gallery is all about.

Sometimes, too, you run into a small business owner everyone in the area knows. Anyone know who this is pictured crabbing a few days ago?

Hint: He’s known for putting people in stitches.

— Elaine Van Develde

Getting Crabby About Winter


Yes, thinking warmer thoughts is a salient motif of the Retro Pic of the Day lately.

So, in keeping with the warm wishes of many, we decided to, again, remind everyone in the Rumson-Fair Haven area that there’s no time like the present to think some crabby thoughts about the coming spring — in particular, visions of crabbing at the Fair Haven Dock.

This was the scene last year during a more balmy season at sunset.

Count the days until it’s time hang your own “Gone fishin’ at Fair Haven Dock” sign on the office!

What’s your favorite thing to do at the dock?