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Ode to Past RFH Class Presidents

It’s Presidents’ Day.

In honor of that, in our own Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect way, our Retro Pic of the (George) Day honors past presidents — of Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) classes of the past.

Yes, we do have many pictures from the 1970s. That’s, obviously because your editor is from that era (Ouch. Did I say that?).

So, we’ve decided to hone in on the first president of the Class of 1978 — Ward Tietz.

In these pics, again courtesy of the amazing George Day, the prez, in his freshman year, is ending the Freshman Follies and playing ball. Oh, yes, Ward was also a star in the show in this editor’s version of South Pacific’s ‘Honey Bun.’ The guilt is still there from the coconuts I made him wear that caused a major rash. Sorry, Ward!

Who was your favorite class president at RFH? Hail to which chief? Send us your pics at evd@rfhretro.com.