Retro RFH Class Prez Stuff

It’s the stuff … ing presidents are made of — or something like that.

In honor of Presidents Day, we’re honed in on presidents of the class kind — not country. And there have been many class presidents at RFH, some of whom have stuck out like beacons of, well, zaniness. Call them fearless fun leaders.

One such class president was terminal jokester Greg Nowell, RFH Class of ’78. Nowell, who is still in the area, was known to make light, or at least a little fun of just about any staid, or downright otherwise boring, situation — even graduation. He had the parents in stitches on that sweltering June night ohhhhh so long ago. Many have not forgotten.

So, lest we forget that presidents are for a little play sometimes, too. This is a snapshot back in time to the spring of ’78 when clearly the fever of graduating and pollen, or something like that, amped up Nowell’s penchant for play. Classmate Loujeanne Cuje caught this moment, noting that the class prez was pranking a bit during a senior year project. Yes, one could say he was full of it — the stuffing in his project.

We’re thinking that, knowing him, he actually did his project on stuffed animals of the Build-a-Bear store sort — as in plush. He always liked to get the teachers thinking, for sure, and revved up for a good laugh. Hey, if the project fits. Full of it? Yes, he could be. And that, we suppose is why he chose taxidermy as his project. Hmmmmm …

Don’t like it? Well, he’d probably tell you to stuff it! So, remember your class presidents and tell us a story of their infamy and motivational tactics. Hail to the chief!