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Retro Fair Haven Little League Home Base

Fair Haven Orioles circa late 1960s
Photo/Peter Mauger

In thinking about the game these days — baseball game, that is — it’s only fitting that we take a gander back at little league in Fair Haven back in the late 60s.

The tykes are teaming up on the field again, running those bases like champs and hitting it home for the season. The team names have varied over the years, team members deciding. There’ve been Diamonds, Ironbirds, Fireflies, Rockhounds and more.

And back in the day, there were Orioles.

The uniforms were different decades ago. But the game and the camaraderie has pretty much stayed the same.

Home run for hometown fun — growing up on the Sportsman, Fair Haven or former Youth Center fields.

Now, who recognizes these lads and coaches?

Thanks to former Fair Havenite Peter Mauger for this glimpse into the little league past of the borough!

Clipped Perspective: A 60s R-FH Area Back-to-School Era

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