RFH’s Megan Wilkins: Partnering with Harvard Project

Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) Social Studies teacher and mentor, Megan Wilkins, is on her way to becoming a partner with Harvard Business School’s Case Method Project.  

Megan Wilkins

Wilkins, who teaches Advanced Placement United States Government and Politics, Constitutional Law, Practical Law, and United States History II, will be extensively trained in the Harvard project’s pedagogical approach to teaching critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The method implements collaborative discussion and primary source documentation.  

Wilkins has, so far, participated in a community workshop with about 200 participants from around the country, led by Harvard Professor, Dr. David Moss. She will prepare for a lengthier formal training in December, after which she’ll begin using Case Method in her classes before becoming a full teacher partner with the project.  

Harvard Business School Professor David Moss originally created the Case Method, the core pedagogy at Harvard Business School for decades. It was created for MBA programs before adapting it to apply to a variety of disciplines in Social Studies, pioneering it in his undergraduate course History of American Democracy in 2013.  

From there, he adapted the program to include a series of workshops for high school and college teachers for incorporation into heir curricula and instruction. Today, the Case Method Project works with teachers in more than 800 schools in 48 states and the District of Columbia to deepen students’ understanding of American democracy, increase student energy and engagement with a diverse array of topics, and foster civic engagement.  

As a teacher partner of Harvard Business School’s Case Method Project, Wilkins will be equipped to teach this method to colleagues and other educators in a variety of disciplines. 

For more information on Harvard Business School’s Case Method Project, visit, click here.

— Edited press release from RFH

John Caroli
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