Retro Rumson High Grads of 1950

The year was 1950 and the high school back then was Rumson High School.

The Rumson High Class of 1950 graduated a handful of seniors compared to the hundreds who just did the ol’ Pomp and Circumstance stroll at Monmouth University.

A lot has changed since 1950. Rumson High School became Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School, or RFH. Graduation venues have gone from Borden Stadium at the high school to the front lawn to inside at the RFH auditorium to Monmouth.

Then there’s the issue of graduation gowns. Back in 1950, they were all the same. At some point, the girls wore white and the boys wore purple — the school’s colors. Now, all wear purple with white sashes as a show of unity, so school officials have said.

But, one thing never seems to change — the milestone moment of friends saying goodbye to one another and the halls of RFH.

So, take a look back with us to the Class of 1950 and remember yours. Favorite graduation moment? Tell us about it. Recognize any of these Rumson High grads?

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management