Retro Rumson Basketball Court Drama

Rumson Forrestdale School basketball court drama in the 1970s
Photo/George Day

I spy … a slam dunk? High hoop hopes?

There’s an awful lot going on in this 1970s shot of the sidelines of basketball game players, a ref and watchers at Forrestale School. The ref is poised for a good whistle blow. The sidelined players are hawking the hoop. One is lounging and watching. A photographer is freeze framing the moment and the scorekeeper is gritting his teeth, ready to hit the buzzer or digital score card. Remember those things that honked and flipped in red?

Whatever way you look at this scene on the basketball court, something big is happening or about to happen. Hmmmmm …

No one knows what was seen with those eyes and the zoom lens of the camera taking the shot, but it’s a pretty sure bet it’s a player taking his shot at the hoop — or the rim. Whatever it is, it’s a standstill, mouth-gaping moment on the court.

So, who do you think is the most-watched player of this freeze frame? And who are the players in the drama watching of it all?

Can you caption this classic moment in time by the fabulous George Day — the guy you couldn’t see behind the lens capturing this moment? What do you think they’re spying?