Retro RFH Track Field Toss-Up

Throwing discus on the field of RFH Track & Field circa 1970s
Photo/George Day

Look … up in the sky … It’s a bird. It’s a flying saucer. It’s a shot put. It’s a discus. And it’s RFH’s Tom Campbell giving it a good airborne throw on the RFH field of RFH Boys Track & Field of the late 1970s.

Campbell is no longer with us, but this photo, by George Day, going back in time is, so it’s only fitting that we remember the field part of Track & Field at RFH in mid-season with this look back at some practice time.

It appears to be a discus Campbell is throwing. The other throwing event of a weighty object is shot put. But track and fielders know that. Attention, however, tends to focus more on the track part of the sport and running. On the field, the team ran with everything, though.

It’s a literal toss up when it comes to favorites in the field events. There’s also javelin and hammer throw. Campbell also worked on tech crew for the RFH spring musicals and dramas. And he didn’t throw a thing on stage.

Everyone was on track with popular field events at RFH. Some are still running with it all in the area. The coach back in those days was Tom Bain, a popular math teacher of the era who passed away a few years ago. His son was on the team as well. Anyone know what the junior Bain did on the field?