Retro RFH Tower Players’ Play Time

RFH’s “My Fair Lady”
Photo/Facebook screenshot

The RFH Tower Players are in rehearsal for their spring musical production of The Secret Garden. The spring musical at the high school is long standing tradition — and one that has come with much accolades for fine artistic work.

The principals involved have changed with time and other factors, but high quality has been consistent and something for which RFH’s shows have been noted.

Many of the student actors involved have also gone on to work professionally in the field or continued throughout their lives in some sort of community theater capacity.

The productions have always been staged for three days. Now the shows open on a Friday and close with a Sunday matinee. Years  ago, though, those days were Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, with an opening night of Thursday and closing on Saturday.

Many of the faces in the RFH shows are still familiar ones, as the talent has run in families.

The double-dose Retro Pic(s) of the Day offers a glimpse back to an RFH production of My Fair Lady, starring one very familiar girl from the Rumson Hughes family known to have a stellar singing voice. She is the aunt of a couple of Tarzan Hugheses who have been seen on the RFH stage many times.

She was also this editor’s daughter in Fiddler on the Roof and the family has always been, and remains, friends. And, oh, there are many other familiar faces in these photos. One was the Artful Dodger in Oliver back in the 1970s and a mime. Another could be seen in one of our retro Hunt photos.

There were some other traditions of RFH shows have since ceased. Know what they are? Recognize anyone in these pics? Your favorite show?



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