Retro RFH Guys’ Summer Dive

Class of ’76 seniors dive into summer
Photo/RFH Yearbook 1976

The sun has had a hard time peering out from the dank weather veil these days. So, daydreaming about a simpler summer time when a dive into the ocean in Sea Bright was all you needed comes a lot easier than that ball of fire and the imminent need to cool down.

For that reason, and nostalgia, of course, the Retro Pic of the Day embodies just that — a dive into the summer ocean in Sea Bright with some guys from the RFH Class of 1976.

We don’t know who they are, but you can guess.

Yes, the summer of senior year is coming soon for RFHers. It’s a pivotal time — that last summer with buddies before college.

No more going back to the hallowed halls of RFH trading “What did you do last summer?” stories — or making some good ones up when others’ were just too grand to compete and the truth was that you just played pranks with your friends and went to the beach.

So, what’s your summer of senior year story? Inquiring RFH alum want to know.

— Elaine Van Develde